Hands and Feet

Had the privilege this week of sitting down with some of the team from an amazing organisation called Hands and Feet who are an exciting and innovative group providing local churches with the opportunity to meet the practical needs of the homeless, disadvantaged and disabled in their respective communities.

They resource and equip local churches with access to fresh and pre-prepared food to give to hurting and stuggling people who need a helping hand in their community.

The other exciting venture is to provide opportunity for people in local churches to be trained to work with disabled people providing companionship and care. Hands and Feet are an NDIS provider and will assist churches in developing this capacity for a relevant relational ministry in their local area. It’s quite the no brainer; Hands and Feet will train, fund (participants are paid a wage for this vital work), and manage the whole program for the local church, providing a very relevant and relational ministry for any local church to connect with the needy, vulnerable and sadly invisible people tucked away in suburbs nearby.

They as an organisation have just one problem. So few churches have taken them up on this amazing opportunity. I’m wondering if there is a way we can get the word out, provide the bridging support needed and see local churches open their hearts and minds, use their hands and feet to go out into the community armed with the skills and resources on tap to genuinely meet needs and build relationships with people.

I’m wondering what is blocking this from being picked up by many churches around Australia. Not only does this provide a vital link between churches and needy people in their area, it also provides employment and skilling for people within the church who are looking for work/ministry opportunities.

Please contact me if you would like further information or have any suggestions as to how we can get the word out, inspire local churches and become more relevant and relational in this hurting and broken world.