About C-Change

C-Change unlocks your capacity for:

Courage – to recognise that you are more than your problem

Confidence – to learn helpful ways to think, act and respond

Compassion – to give to yourself and others as you undergo change

About Dianne Priest

C-Change began out of a belief in our innate capacity to change to live our best life. A belief that we can learn, with relational support, to respond to our circumstances and challenges in more helpful ways.

C-Change unlocks capacity in individuals, couples, families and teams to respond in new and skillful ways to life’s challenges with courage, confidence and compassion.

My years committed to training, teaching, volunteering and leading have given me insights into the role of relational modalities of healing. Counselling, Coaching and Consulting/Facilitating are key platforms for moving people gently and respectfully through life’s challenges.

  • K-12 Educator
  • Established a multi-cultural school in Papua New Guinea
  • Principal and leadership roles in Christian Schools Tasmania
  • Education consultant and curriculum development for Tasmania National Parks, Heritage and Wildlife
  • ACT School Chaplaincy Director
  • Head of Learning Support/ Well-being in K-12 school
  • Leadership, change management, organisational culture and team management trainer
  • Mentor trainer, supervisor
  • Individual and relationship counsellor
  • Facilitation and workshop presenter
  • Prepare-Enrich facilitator for engaged and married couples

B.A., B. Ed., Mentor Trainer/Facilitator Course,  Ad Dip Family Counselling, Masters Studies in Leadership and Worldview Formation, Prepare/Enrich Facilitator