Stepping to the Beat

Imagine the scene; you are being invited by the God of this universe to dance. It may be a slow waltz, a fox trot or a playful barn dance.

The beat is clear and strong. Your partner is an expert. His eyes shine with delight as you reach out to accept his gentle invitation. This retreat will pose questions to inspire you to be ready, willing and able to step to the beat.



Stepping to the Beat is a reflective guided retreat suitable for individuals, couples or small groups.

Our guided themed retreats help you connect deeply with God. You are free to use as little or as much of the material as appropriate for you. Your needs and focus may diverge as the day progresses. God moments will do that. Release yourself from the need to complete every component. Open yourself to the questions, responses and gentle words of wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Please note: This resource, in PDF format, is freely available to all who need it, and supported by all of those who can afford it.

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