Letting Go

“All great spirituality is about letting go.”  Richard Rohr

Where do you need Christ’s spirit of detachment in your life? ‘Not my will, but yours Lord.’ 

This guided retreat offers a scaffold of questions, stories, poems and scriptures to gently help you let go of some of your blockers to a deeper walk with God.



C-Change Coast Guided Retreats are for those who desire to go deeper with God. Carving out quality time to intentionally focus on the presence of God in whole of life.

Why retreat?

The list is long but the benefits include time to:

Rest, reflect, restore, contemplate, create, connect, clarify, disconnect, discover, design

Contact C-Change to help you and your partner/team/group plan a reflective retreat

C-Change will design a retreat to suit your needs. You will be provided a framework for a personal/couple/group retreat to help you maximise this gift of time and space.

Together, let’s discover the power of the rhythm of retreat as a means of changing your world.

Please note: This resource, in PDF format, is freely available to all who need it, and supported by all of those who can afford it.

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