Mentoring is

“Mentoring is a one to one developmental relationship.”

Mentoring is:

  • Professional
  • Intentional
  • Relational
  • Growth oriented
  • Flexibly structured
  • Holistic

Mentoring begins with an end in mind, namely the growth of the mentoree in their unique and specified areas of need. The style, focus and outcomes will vary according to the requirements of the mentoree and the experience of the mentor.

Mentoring empowers people to take responsibility for their personal growth in a relational context providing support, accountability and opportunity to broaden networks and access resources.

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How it works

We’re here to help you navigate the increasingly complicated process of launching a website or native web app.

  1. Tell us your story
    Let’s chat about what you’re looking to build and see if our team is a good fit for the project.
  2. Define the scope
    We’ll take a look at all the details of your project and discuss how to split up the work on our team.
  3. Start wireframes and code
    We’ll work with you the entire way, from wireframes to walking you through live code previews.
  4. We live to launch products
    Launching products is our passion. We’ll help you get your product live and help spread the word.
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